Where to buy the ERC token IUNGO token (ING)

If you want to buy the IUNGO token token, you need at first Bitcoins or Ethereum. There are different ways to get Bitcoins or Ethereum. The first way is to mine Bitcoins. For example I am mining my Bitcoins at Hashflare. But I accept this is the longest way. You need much hashpower to get fast some Bitcoins.

Another solution is Kraken. Here you can buy Bitcoins or Ether by a credit card. This is a very fast solution and should be done if you want the coins/tokens today.

Mining Ethereum to get IUNGO token is not a good idea. Ethereum is changing to the Proof-of-stake algorithm. Because of this it is better not to create an mining contract for this crypto currency.

After you have bought Ether or Bitcoins you have to go to an exchange. At the exchange you change for example Bitcoins to ING. There are many exchanges for doing this. But the best exchange to get IUNGO token is Kucoin. Compared to other exchanges there was traded the highest volume.

Exchanges which are trading IUNGO token

Exchange Pair Price Volume 24h
Kucoin ING/BTC 0.0022 $ 0.00 $
Yobit ING/BTC 0.0006 $ 0.00 $